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Nationally Certified Addiction Recovery Coaching


What You Need To Know

A Recovery Coach is a trained peer who guides and supports a person in the recovery process and helps prevent relapse. The goal of a Recovery coach is to be actively involved in helping the participant explore their relationship with substance use and establish a foundation of living life without the need for addiction.
Coaches act as a combination counselor, sponsor, friend and mentor and work collaboratively with participants to develop goals, locate resources and learn the skills necessary to live a sober and productive life. Coaches can engage with participants at any stage of the recovery process . Recovery coaching is based on the principle of “meeting the participant where they are” and can be an effective tool for change no matter where that may be.
​Recovery coaching services are voluntary and are best applied when the person seeking support is actively engaged and interested in recovery. Recovery coaches cannot mandate participation and services are not therapeutic or clinical in nature.​​ 

Professional Interventions


Addiction tears families apart. It erodes trust, ruins relationships and drives a wedge between people who love each other. Even the most well-intentioned and intelligent family members can become swept up in patterns of enabling and conflict.

And on top of it all, family members feel obligated to somehow convince their loved one to go to rehabilitation – even though this goal seems impossible. So many families either put off doing an intervention or try to do it themselves, often with disappointing results.

Thankfully, families don’t have to host interventions alone. They can call in a trained professional to help ensure success and make the process easier.

A Nationally Certified  Intervention Professional is on the front lines of assisting clients to get the help they so desperately need for their drug and alcohol addictions. An Interventionist will  assist the family in providing a family drug intervention or help for an alcoholic or drug addict  As a top interventionist, Dale will assist the family and the client in finding the most appropriate setting for the client to get help for their Substance Use Disorder, including alcohol rehab. 

Y ou may be placing the client into Detox, Residential Treatment, Partial Hospitalization (PHP) or Intensive Outpatient (IOP) and you need to understand the proper protocols of placement, insurance pre-certification, 

Professional Reentry Peer Navigation Services & Program Consulting

Someone who has been incarcerated for months and/or years is facing the hardest challenge of their life when they are released. Most individuals have literally nothing except the clothes they were given to wear when they were released and if they are fortunate possibly $50 or $100 They may or may not have an ID, Most will have no place to live and with a felony record finding work will take time. Dale has lived experience and has walked through that process personally and has helped hundreds of others and their families to reenter as well. Dale's services will help the returning citizen navigate the process, work with the client and family to develop a custom fit reentry plan and connect them to all the necessary resources to be successful. 

The services may include housing, employment, anger management classes , probation and addiction recovery resources. Driver's Licenses, vehicles, health & dental care , food etc. Navigating all these things without help leads over half of those released to be reincarcerated within 3 years and about 70 percent within 7 years.

Dale's navigation services provide hope and resources to reenter successfully and lead them into purposeful lives.